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Charging technology

We develop chargers for DC and AC power supplies and an output voltage range from 12V DC to 1000V DC.

Precise current limitation

To meet demanding requirements, the input and output current of chargers can be limited by configuration.

Diagnostics via CAN/ETH

Various measurement and control parameters can be used for diagnostic or control functions via a standard CAN or Ethernet interface.

External sensors

An additional interface enables the use of external sensors. For example, the voltage can be measured directly at the battery terminals, and thus the output parameters of the charger can be adapted to the needs of the battery.

Impedance measurement

The chargers are capable of measuring the impedance of the connected peripherals both primarily and secondarily. This allows defective cables or incorrectly plugged connections to be detected at an early stage.

Fields of application

Onboard charging technology

Onboard charging technology

In order to be able to charge battery electric vehicles at standard household sockets, an on-board charger is required, which transforms the single- or three-phase alternating voltage into the direct voltage required for the battery.

Industrial UPS systems as application area for Querom charging technology

Industrial UPS systems

Industrial UPS systems

In order to guarantee an economically reasonable and redundant protection of the energy supply of industrial applications and data centers, "uninterruptible power supplies" so-called UPS systems are used. They consist of a rechargeable battery which safely supplies critical systems in case of load peaks or power failures. These UPS systems must be charged around the clock to conserve the battery, for which Querom charging technology is ideally suited.

Querom charging technology for mobile electrical applications

Mobile electrical applications

Mobile electrical applications

Due to the increasing performance of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, more and more devices that were previously powered by batteries are now being operated with batteries. In the past, they were primarily cordless screwdrivers, but today they are also used in lawn mowers, chain saws and much more. Different chargers are required for safe and reliable operation of the devices.

About Querom

Querom Elektronik GmbH is specialized in development, production and distribution of customized power electronics.


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