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Querom bundles its know-how in various application areas. These include DCDC converters.

Precise measurement technology

Querom uses high-quality components for precise current and voltage measurement at the output with extremely low temperature drift and long service life.

Digital control technology

Fully digital, non-linear control loop for optimal scalability and quick adaptation to new hardware. Querom control technology does not use optocouplers, has little drift over age and allows fully adjustable setpoints.

Flexible involvement

The HV-DCDC converters have a CAN or Ethernet interface, programmable digital IO's and a large wide-range input, allowing extremely flexible integration into existing systems.

Robust protective circuitry

The digital IOs and the output are permanently protected against overvoltages and ground loops. Transient overvoltages on the supply lines are also no problem for the DCDC converters.

Battery protection function

The combination of digital control technology and parameterisable software allows an ideal supply of a battery. A supply with a fixed voltage leads to rapid aging and thus to a loss of capacity. Querom's DCDC converters enable charging tailored to the battery.

Scalability by modularity

The design of Querom DCDC converters allows different input and output voltage ranges on one and the same module. The input and output voltage range is defined exclusively by the assembly. Due to the concept of interconnecting individual 1KW power units, the desired device power can be varied simply by plugging it onto the motherboard.

Efficient cooling concept

During the development of the Querom HVDC platform special attention was paid to an efficient cooling concept. For this purpose each power stage is mounted on separate cooling devices. These cooling devices themselves are connected to the bottom and side walls of the housing, which enables optimal heat dissipation. This sophisticated thermal management allows operation without externally supplied coolant exclusively by means of contact cooling even at ambient temperatures up to 100°C.

Fields of application

Fuel cells

Fuel cell applications

Here the output voltage from a fuel cell stack, i.e. a series of fuel cells, is converted into a voltage that can be used by the user. This usable output voltage can be used to charge energy storage devices or supply the inverters for electric motors.

Industrial UPS systems as application area for Querom charging technology

Stationary battery systems

Stationary battery systems

Since the terminal voltage of batteries changes over their "state of charge", they are only conditionally suitable as voltage sources. For this reason, the battery voltage is converted by a DCDC converter to the voltage required for the application.

Mobile electrical applications

Mobile electrical applications

In order to minimize losses in mobile electrical applications, high voltages are used to transmit electrical energy. At the same time, for safety reasons, various infotainment systems are operated with a voltage that is harmless to humans. To meet this requirement, an HV-DCDC converter converts the high-voltage voltage into the required safe voltage.

About Querom

Querom Elektronik GmbH is specialized in development, production and distribution of customized power electronics.


Querom Elektronik GmbH
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